3 Reasons to Adore La French Pique

The formula to create a classic French outfit goes a little something like this…

Timeless separates + neutral makeup + statement accessories = one chic Parisienne

A French outfit can be picked out of a crowd. It’s composed of classic pieces like a white button-down or a tailored, wool coat, and is embellished with high-impact accessories to be distinctive. As is seen time and time again with a Chanel handbag and an Hermes scarf, an outstanding accessory makes a Parisienne’s outfit truly à la mode.

Every day, you choose your accessories based on a number of different variables. What goes with your outfit? What bolsters your mood? What’s striking a cord with you both visually and emotionally?

This fall, the accessory we’re coveting is a La French Pique pochette. The thick, chunky texture combined with a bright color palette creates an eye-catching clutch you can adore season after season. During the day, carry your pochette with skinny jeans, boots and a blazer. If you’re office-bound, tuck your La French Pique pochette into a larger tote and use it to stow essentials like your wallet and cell phone. At night, you’ll find that a La French Pique pochette transitions easily into a stylish happy hour clutch.

To the French, what sets an accessory apart is not necessarily an impression of stylishness, but of quality and the craftsmanship. Before enticed by any surface-level trendiness, a Parisienne asks herself: is the accessory unique? Will its quality stand the test of time? In the case of La French Pique, the answer is yes, and yes. Each pochette is a labor of love and takes designer Johanna Piettre four hours to create using an intensive crochet technique. To acquire a La French Pique pochette is to acquire the artisan’s first-hand imagination, handiwork and time.

Last but certainly not least, we treasure La French Pique because of their commitment to the environment. While the fashion industry is largely based on quick, cheap methods of production, La French Pique chooses environmentally-friendly methods and materials. Each product is made with 100% recycled cotton and other non-polluting fair trade materials so even the most conscious consumer can wear La French Pique with pride and confidence.

Discover La French Pique in OuiPlease Vol.2.4 Paris Je T’aime or shop the collection online at www.ouipleasebox.com




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