OuiPlease Box, Soap, Filt Bag, Perfume, Notebook, Dish Brush, Bangle Up Bracelet



Upon her arrival in the United States, Paris native Jessica Barouche realized first-hand that American women are always searching for ways to become ever so slightly more French. Sound familiar? Left and right, women asked her for tips on where to dress, what to eat and how to attain that elusive French je ne sais quoi. Before giving away her recipe for quiche lorraine one more time, Jessica decided to curate a lifestyle brand of her own. Et voila!
 OuiPlease was launched in 2014 in Dallas, Texas.


OuiPlease delivers a mystery box of ‘under-the-radar’ luxury goods to members’ doorsteps every other month. OuiPlease arrangements include a curated selection of French full-sized products in Jewelry, Beauty, Epicure, Apparel, and Accessories. Each volume of OuiPlease boxes has its own theme, personality, and variation to keep you wanting more. The boxes, carefully curated by a team of French influencers, contain the finest in French products. The brands inside each parcel are meticulously researched, and the products are personally reviewed. The product selection ultimately chosen introduces OuiPlease members to up-and-coming designers, undiscovered brands and a delicious dash of French style. This box is a luxury experience that transports you straight to France and back – no boarding pass required. The OuiPlease subscription box is currently shipping in the United States and Canada.

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