THE FRENCH CONNECTION: Inspired by Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, this fizzy, romantic cocktail is perfectly suited to Francophiles who would love to experience the intellectual glamour of 1920s Paris. Flapper dress optional. Ingredients 2 oz. cognac ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice 3.4 oz. simple syrup 4 fresh raspberries Sparkling wine   Instructions Combine all ingredients [More]

  • In the Kitchen: French Christmas Cookie Recipe with Confiture Parisienne


    In the city of gastronomy, two young Parisian women, with backgrounds in the restaurant and advertising industries, decided to undertake their own French Revolution – in the art of making jam. Taking a step past strawberry and apricot, the innovative pair created subtle jam flavors by mixing unexpected ingredients inspired by the seasons. This couture [More]

  • Breakfast in Bed with Fay Maison

    EPICURE Fay Maison is where traditional French pastries meet a passion for clean eating. Whether you’re gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, or simply attentive when it comes to your health, Fay Maison has something delicious for you. For those Sunday morning breakfasts in bed, try Fay Maison’s organic, gluten-free, lactose-free Chestnut Flour Waffle and Pancake Mix. Make up to [More]
  • Illuminate Summer Skin with C.Lavie

    BEAUTY To look like a French mademoiselle in the summertime there are 5 things you simply must have: Bateau neck striped shirt Chic ballet flats - red or black, preferably Meaningful jewelry Bold statement lip Luminous skin Arguably, the latter is the most difficult to achieve and maintain - but we’ve got an easy solution. This [More]
  • Step into Maison Boissier Tea Room

    EPICURE Step into the Paris of yesteryear with Maison Boissier. Founded in 1827, Maison Boissier is one of the oldest confection shops in Paris and is the stuff of legend. If you’re in the 16th arrondisement of Paris, shopping the likes of Céline and Isabel Marant, be sure to visit Maison Boissier on Avenue Victor Hugo. [More]
  • Kusmi Tea Concoction: Iced Aquarosa

    EPICURE An invigorating morning drink and a calming nightcap at the end of the day, Kusmi Tea’s AquaRosa over ice is our go-to summer drink. AquaRosa is a newly launched fruit blend in the Kusmi Tea collection. The delicate taste is created with apple, red berries, blackberries, and hibiscus. The hibiscus plant is native to West [More]
  • Rosey Refreshment: Eau de Rose Cointreau Fizz

    EPICURE One of our favorite ways to embrace la vie en rose is to throw memorable soirees for our dearest friends. This spring, we encourage you to get dressed up and invite your meilleures amies to your home for small bites and delicious drinks. The tasty libation that’s at the top of our list as the [More]
  • Chicken Provençal

    EPICURE Provençal cuisine is all about taking advantage of fresh ingredients that are readily available in the region’s lush environment. Capture the essence of Provençal cooking with this fresh and easy chicken recipe, a staple in Provence’s kitchens. Note: Herbes de Provence is easily purchased at any well-stocked grocery store, but you can get in touch [More]
  • The Jewel of French Cooking

    Bisous Bisous The French black truffle is a curious thing. Often referred to as black gold and called the “jewel of French cooking”, truffles truly are delicacies. The first truffles were discovered growing wild, and they quickly became known for their alluring aroma and delicate, but rich, taste. With truffles, timing is everything. French chefs refuse to [More]
  • En Route to Cider

    EPICURE Some people like to go to breweries. Others like to go to vineyards and go wine tasting. Personally, we like to go to the Cider Route in Normandy. Don’t get us wrong, beer and wine are great too but you just can’t beat cider from one of the places with the best apple orchards in [More]
  • A Real Life Fairytale

    EPICURE Once upon a time, a girl named Valerie grew up between France and Switzerland, while a boy named Remy grew up between France and the Middle East. Valerie grew up and joined the family watch business in Switzerland, while Remy got into the hospitality business, catering to the needs of many high-end hotels abroad. As [More]
  • Truffle Deviled Eggs

    EPICURE If there’s one thing we love in our nourriture, it’s truffle. There’s no denying the culinary power of this small, not-so-pretty fungus. One of our favorite ways to incorporate the taste of truffle into our meals in a subtle way is by using truffle salt. It’s the perfect way to season without having the strong [More]
  • One Tea to Rule Them All

    EPICURE When one thinks of Paris, it’s not uncommon to think of sitting at a café sipping on, well, café. But you might be surprised to learn that teatime is not just for the English. C’est vrai, Parisians are quite fond of their tea. There’s multiple salons de thé around the city where both tourists and [More]