Interview with Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin is a renowned hair colorist who seeks to reveal women’s natural, underlying beauty with color in a discrete and complementary way. Over the years, Christophe Robin has used his vast knowledge and wealth of experiences to develop his own unique product range for color-treated hair. Each product is crafted based on properties of rare or ancestral natural beauty sources, such as lavender, chamomile or prickly pear seed oil, to deeply nourish hair and optimize color. Today, we’re talking with Christophe about the differences between French and American hair care and the trendiest styles he’s seeing for spring and summer.

OuiPlease: How is Christophe Robin different from other haircare brands?

Christophe Robin: Most haircare brands have been created by hair stylists, there are a lot of stylist brands out there today. It can be difficult to navigate. However, Christophe Robin is a hair colorist, and that is where the idea of “care” really comes in, because a beautiful color will never last if you do not take good care of your hair. The idea that healthy hair starts with a healthy and balanced scalp acknowledges the fact that hair care, just like skin care is an important step in your routine.

OP: Why was it important for you to use natural ingredients such as lavender or prickly pear seed oil in your products?

CR: Something I take pride in, is the high concentration of natural active ingredients in my products. Each ingredient I use serves a specific purpose, for instance lavender has preventive virtues, it protects the hair fiber which is why it is such a great treatment before a salon appointment, the beach or the pool. The prickly pear seed oil is one of our most precious ingredients, it comes from the seed of the fruit as stated, meaning you need one ton of fruit to get one liter of oil, the liter costs about $1,000. It is a true natural treasure and boasts two times more antioxidants than argan oil, it deeply nourishes but also repairs the hair fiber deep inside. My products are inspired by traditional recipes, for instance my cleansing mask with lemon – lemon is known for its cleansing virtues, for its acidic pH and for boosting shine, on hair it’s the same!

OP: If someone is looking to change their hair color, how can they find the best shade for them? Are there certain rules that one should abide by?

CR: Sometimes hair colorists and women do not speak the same language. Bring pictures of what you love and of what you hate; it will be better than words. Something I always advise is to stay true to yourself, you do not want to look like somebody else! And of course, take very good care of your hair quality to keep it healthy and shiny. Nature usually does a good job so stay around your natural color and make sure it enhances your complexion and your eyes.

OP: How would you describe French view or approach to haircare and/or hairstyles? How does it differ from American haircare and hairstyles?

CR: French look for low-maintenance when it comes to beauty, you don’t want to have to touch-up your roots every 2-3 weeks. Same for haircuts, the hair should grow back into a nice shape that still enhances your features.

OP: Where do French women find their hair inspiration?

CR: I think French women like what suits them best, they still get inspired in magazines and social media but it has to be tweaked to really fit their personality and lifestyle.

OP: How can non-Parisiennes get that chic, effortless French girl hair?

CR: Staying on the low-maintenance notion, I think adding contrast to your hair color to come back to a more natural color also means less salon appointments. It also gives more depth to the color and has a more natural feel. For hair cuts, Parisiennes like bangs and long bobs, nothing too short, especially not in the neck. It’s all about femininity and sensuality.

OP: What are your favorite hair products in your line?

CR: My two first products! I had originally created them for my personal use, my moisturizing hair oil with lavender which is a great pre-shampoo treatment (should be use before salon appointments or during the summer before swimming in the ocean or pool) and protects the hair – and my cleansing mask with lemon which recently won Allure’s best of beauty award, it was the first low poo formula on the market and is the most gentle shampoo you will find, it’s a conditioning shampoo so no need for a conditioner!

OP: What is one common misconception about haircare you’d like to dispel?

CR: That hair care is not as important as skincare! Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, it’s important to deeply cleanse your scalp and remove the impurities. Same for hair color, if you want it to last and stay beautiful it’s important to protect it and deeply nourish.

OP: What hair trends are you seeing for spring and summer?

CR: We don’t really follow trends, we usually like to suggest what will really enhance someone’s beauty. Although for the spring/summer a few gold tones always give a nice glow to the complexion which is always a good idea when getting away from those harsh winter months!

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