Interview Victoire & Matilda

In 2014, designer Céline Malvoisin created Victoire x Matilda to express her inspiration, passion and experiences through jewelry. An observer and a visual poet, Malvoisin’s designs are a timeless interpretation of the universe in harmony. Simple, elegant and understated, Victoire x Matilda jewelry can be worn on any occasion for a touch of French beauty. Today, we’re chatting with Malvoisin about where she finds inspiration, what makes a good piece of jewelry, and how she defines French style.


OuiPleaseWhat inspired you to create Victoire & Matilda?

Celine Malvoisin: I’ve always liked to create things with my hands. When I was growing up, my sister and I used to spend our time making jewelry on rainy vacation days. So when I lost my job as a graphic designer a few years ago, I naturally went back to my first love – jewelry.


OPHow do you get inspired to create a new collection?

CM: I find inspiration everywhere… on the street, in art, through my travels, on the internet. I always have a little note pad with me and I write down every single idea that crosses my mind. When it’s creation time, I refer to these little inspirations, but I also start by playing around with the colored beads I like.


OPWhat’s the process of creating a piece of jewelry?

CM: As I said before, I usually start with color range I like and I try to choose some new chains to use in every collection. I always make fine jewelry because that’s the kind I like to wear myself, it’s so simple!


OPHow would you describe the Victoire & Matilda style?

CM: I’d say fine and poetic jewelry. The line has soft colors, is easy to wear and has a little touch of chic – which is so French in style!


OPIn your opinion, what makes a good piece of jewelry?

CM: For me, it’s a piece that is remarkable, that adds a touch of something special to your outfit but is still discrete. The best pieces of jewelry are ones you can wear either everyday or on a special occasion. It’s like a perfume that makes you feel special.


OPWhat are the cornerstones of French style?

CM: I’d say elegance, chic, “finesse,” and simplicity.


OPWhat are the biggest differences between how French women and American women approach jewelry?

CM: Well, I don’t really know for American girls, but I’d say in France, wearing a piece of jewelry is really a matter of how you want to sublimate your outfit.





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