Interview with Maison Louis Marie

Maison Louis Marie pays tribute to a family history of botanical discoveries. The story of this contemporary fragrance house begins in 1792 when Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was exiled to Madagascar and the Mauritius Islands during the French Revolution. A decade later, Louis returned to France with over 2000 plant specimens and was honored with entry into the Academie des Science. Fast forward two centuries, his ancestor Marie de Petit Thouars grew up in Belgium, always fascinated by candle making and the scents in her mother’s greenhouse. Personal interest combined with a respect for her family’s legacy led her to begin Maison Louis Marie, a line of luxury perfumes and candles designed to carry on a floral tradition. Get to know Marie, the contemporary woman behind the brand, in this exclusive OuiPlease interview.

OuiPlease: When did you found Maison Louis Marie? What is your background – did you study perfumery?

Maison Louis Marie: Maison Louis Marie was founded in 2013. I grew up in France and Belgium and started a career in fashion working for Isabella Blow and then becoming a fashion editor for the London Sunday Times. I later moved to Los Angeles to study fine art photography, eventually opening up my studio, 1294 Sunset. From there, I came up with the idea to launch my fragrance brand, Maison Louis Marie. I never had any official training as a perfumer, but I’ve always been very attuned to luxury fragrance as I have worked with a lot of them in the past.

OP: All of the fragrances have such unique names! How do you name them?

MLM: All of the names are related to childhood memories, places and the history of my ancestors.

OP: What is the process of creating these perfumes?

MLM: The initial 6 fragrances that we launched with were all based on my childhood memories. It’s very difficult to explain, but I had to transport myself back to those places which would be possible by experimenting with separate notes and slowly and methodically combining them together until they felt whole to me.

OP: Are there certain materials or plants that appear in the line more regularly than others?

MLM: Not really. In creating the classic collection, and when we occasionally add a new scent to the collection, I try to create diversity similar to the world in general, so people can find new experiences within our line through time.

OP: What is the most popular perfume oil or eau de parfum? What’s your personal favorite?

MLM: Our most popular scent right now is No.04, although No.02, No.09 and Antidris Cassis are also very popular. For me, it really depends on the season as to what my personal favorite scent is. Of course, I go for the more woody fragrances like No.02 and No.04 during fall and winter and then I like to change it up when the weather gets warmer.

OP: Does Maison Louis Marie believe in finding one signature fragrance, or having several to choose from?

MLM: We are more about creating a solid collection that speaks to more than just a small group. I wanted to create a line that fits seasons and moods versus having only one signature scent.

OP:  The French are known for their fragrances – how does Maison Louis Marie stand out from the rest?

MLM: Well it’s hard for me to comment on how I would compare to the greats… I just try my absolute hardest to make the most exceptional products I can make. While I do come from France, which obviously plays a big part in everything I do, I launched this brand in Los Angeles and have been living in the United States for a while now so I feel that really plays a role and invigorates my brand, hopefully merging the best of both worlds.

OP: How would you describe the typical woman who wears Maison Louis Marie fragrance?

MLM: I would like to think the typical MLM girl is elegant and fun with a twist in many different ways – I find it boring to be described by an adjective, so I leave the second half of the typical MLM woman to chance.

OP:  Why is fragrance important?

MLM: From a scientific standpoint to the animalistic, scent plays a huge role in so many ways. To simplify things, I would say that wearing fragrance and deciding upon a scent for you is extremely important. Beyond your physical presentation, scent is a part of the first impression you give when you want into a room. Choose wisely…

Enchant your lifestyle with Maison Louis Marie, a floral tradition since 1792. From perfume oils to body wash and candles, Maison Louis Marie offers a robust line of fragrant products to transport you to a luxurious state of mind.
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