OuiPlease Affiliate Program


Join the OuiPlease Affiliate Program

If you love France, luxury products, and sharing your chic, new finds with friends, then we want you to be a OuiPlease Affiliate. As a OuiPlease Affiliate, you translate the best in French lifestyle products for your friends and famille. Oui, please.

OuiPlease Affiliates are more than bloggers – they’re loyal customers. These select few not only enjoy our product selections, but also curate their own sophisticated style. Our program is simple: you apply, wait for approval, get unique affiliate links to track your sales, and then it’s up to you to share your discoveries with other luxury-loving Francophiles.

Intrigued? Bien sûr!

Woman hands, Holding OuiPlease Box
woman holding open ouiplease box

What is a OuiPlease Affiliate?

Passionate about OuiPlease and all things French? If the answer is “oui,” then as a OuiPlease Affiliate, you can…

  • Use your blog or website to share your love for OuiPlease and all things French
  • Share exclusive discounts with your audience
  • Feature those can’t-live-without-them OuiPlease items on your blog
  • Spread the word about OuiPlease to your friends and family using your unique affiliate link so we can track every sale you generate 🙂
  • Give us your opinion. We want to hear feedback from our OuiPlease affiliates. Your thoughts and ideas will inform future products and assortments.

What’s In It For You?

As a OuiPlease Affiliate, you’ll unlock exclusive insider benefits. Some of the best perks include…

  • 15% commission for every sale referred to our site
  • Exclusive promo codes for OuiPlease boxes and OuiShop items
    (Oui, you can share these codes with your friends, coworkers too)
  • Sneak previews at upcoming boxes before they’re announced to other members
  • A chance to share your love for OuiPlease with your community and get rewarded for doing it!

Join the OuiPlease Famille

Think of a OuiPlease Affiliate as a dual-nationality passport. Ready to apply? It’s as easy as un, deux, trois!

Click here to get started.