Padam Padam and the Power of Jewelry

“Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.” – Iris Apfel

Like a great pair of shoes, or a statement blazer, jewelry transforms your look and your mood. Unlike a trendy accessory or fun piece of clothing, good jewelry is designed to also affect you emotionally – to help you recall a sweet memory or to transport you to a glamorous state of mind. Jewelry doesn’t fray or wear; it becomes more valuable with time.

Each piece of jewelry carries with it an undeniable sentimental value. We can bet that you can remember when, where and how you acquired the jewelry you’re wearing right now. As you churn through a seasonal edit of your wardrobe, would you ever throw out a piece of jewelry? Never. Bestow it upon someone special? Maybe.

Jewelry is a precious heirloom, a treasure to pass on, and a narrative to continue.

Founded in 2011 by Angelique Jousset, Padam Padam Paris is a French jewelry line that will stand this test of time and tell a story all along the way. Simple and chic, Padam Padam jewelry is known to please a wide audience from the powerful business woman to the youthful student. In the collection, you can choose from pre-crafted words such as “love” or “bonheur,” or order a piece featuring a name or word that is meaningful to you. From bracelets to rings, Padam Padam employs traditional 14k gold plating, 14k rose gold plating and sterling silver, as well as a host of neon colors to supply endless customization options.

Padam Padam Paris jewelry encapsulates the sober elegance of Parisian style. Through classic design and personalization options, Padam Padam ensures these pieces will be treasured in your jewelry box for years to come.

Discover Padam Padam Paris in OuiPlease Vol.2.4 Paris Je T’aime, or shop the full collection online at




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