Hédène Paris Linden Honey

Hédène Paris Linden Honey from Picardie  

Hédène linden honey comes from linden plants and has menthol overtones. Like acacia honey, it has an aromatic fineness that perfectly melts in teas or infusions.

Harvested in Picardie, in the famous Chantilly forest, Hédène linden honey has a wonderful white color. It smells like the linden flower, but with a subtler scent. Its strong flavor is unique, powerful and nice. Hédène linden honey offers a surprising sweetness thanks to its minty overtones. Its taste is long-lasting and without acidity. It is a mix between pleasure and delicacy.

The linden’s blossoming period is unpredictable. It generally happens from mid-May to July,  then the honey is harvested in July.

With its fresh minty taste, linden honey matches perfectly with hot beverages. It is enjoyable at any time of the day to sweeten tea or infusions. It is also possible to taste it raw with a spoon, to enjoy its unique flavor.

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The Hédène brand comes from two passionate beekeepers, Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. They met at the university in Paris and discovered that they had the same passion for apiculture. Cyril’s family has kept hives in South of France for four generations, while Alexis’ relatives keep their own bees in Savoy. They studied the apiary at Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, and they decided to create in 2013 a brand exclusively dedicated to French honey, with intent to defend the 100% French honey which is increasingly rare. This bold challenge is successful!

Hédène is surrounded by a producing team respecting ancestral beekeeping traditions and with a unique know-how, and practices a rigorous selection of nectars. The brand selects the most beautiful wildflower parcels of France and picks artisans who uphold the highest standards of traditional and sustainable beekeeping. Those chosen suppliers also commit to adhering to the rigorous specifications set by the brand. All honeys are made with wildflowers from specific French regions, showing that the territories genuinely affect the flavor notes of the honey.

This is not just honey. It is pure monofloral honey (bees harvest only from one type of flower or plant, ensure that the honey tastes distinctly of that plant) that follows a cold extraction process, which preserves its quality, its color and all its flavors.

Hédène analyzes the honey in the laboratory and verifies that it contains the required pollens, thus certifying its quality.

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