PALMI Gold Plated and Green Agate Hoop Earrings

Elegant and chic, these little creoles with pretty green tones will bring a touch of color to any ensemble. They were designed for the Spring/Summer collection of the pretty Des Petits Hauts brand. They are composed of small stones carved in Green Agate and golden pearls. Creoles and gilded pearls are gold plated.

Size: 2 cm
Color: Agate Verte



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About Les Pierrettes

Delicate, handcrafted and minimal, Les Pierrettes is French jewelry at its finest. Through sophisticated design and thoughtfully chosen elements, each collection is a shining example of French savoir-faire.

Les Pierrettes is made by hand in a Parisian atelier. The collection changes regularly because the natural elements of each piece are unique. Elegant and chic, the designs of Les Pierrettes add a fun pop of color to any outfit.


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