Les Pierrettes Sea Bamboo Vintage Beads Bracelet


ANACAPRI Gold Plated Sea Bamboo Vintage Beads Bracelet

Colorful, graphic and modern this ANACAPRI bracelet is inspired by Africa. Elegant and chic, these little African vintage pearls with delicate coral hues will bring a touch of color to any ensemble. The bright pink Sea Bamboo pearls contrast with the black and white vintage African pearls and the touch of walleye. It is made with gold-colored metal beads, gold-plated pearls, black and white striped African vintage pearls and Sea Bamboo beads. The clasp and rings are gold-plated. Guaranteed nickel free.

Size: 17.5 cm / Small
Color: Multicolor



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About Les Pierrettes

Delicate, handcrafted and minimal, Les Pierrettes is French jewelry at its finest. Through sophisticated design and thoughtfully chosen elements, each collection is a shining example of French savoir-faire.

Les Pierrettes is made by hand in a Parisian atelier. The collection changes regularly because the natural elements of each piece are unique. Elegant and chic, the designs of Les Pierrettes add a fun pop of color to any outfit.


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