NUXE Nuxuriance Gold Nutri-Replenishing Serum

NUXE Nuxuriance Gold Nutri-Replenishing Serum

This Nutri-Revitalizing Serum with a velvety touch combines the power of Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-floral Cells® with Porcelain Rose Oléactif® and a nourishing, replenishing complex for ultimate anti-aging power.

Day after day, skin is renewed: it is smoother and firmer and appears denser.

Your skin is as fortified and illuminated: beautiful and bursting with life.


Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells®, porcelain rose Oléoactif®, natural Nutri-Reconstituting Complex (jiogulan and cistus flower), hyaluronic acid.

Contains 92 % natural origin ingredients



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From its beginnings, as a small Parisian formulation laboratory bought out in 1990, in less than thirty years, NUXE has become a global group, present in nearly 60 countries.

NUXE is a French brand founded by Aliza Jabès and a pioneer in natural-origin cosmetology. Each skincare product is formulated and manufactured in France to meet pharmaceutical quality requirements and combines the marvels of nature with the prowess of science while awakening the senses. (45 patents pending – FR).

Attentive to women and led by her own instincts, over time, through NUXE, Aliza Jabès has created irresistible daily skincare for women, including the legendary Huile Prodigieuse® in 1991, which has become an iconic beauty product and the leading oil available in pharmacies.