OUIPLEASE with OUI & SI French Lesson 6 – C’est La Vie


Level 6: Lesson 6 is excellent for Intermediate French speakers who are feeling confident conjugating verbs, answering questions aloud and comprehending written French. Lesson 6 is for you when you’re ready to conquer more present tense verbs (-IR and -RE) as well as irregular verbs. Expect even more opportunities to practice speaking, reading and listening to French at a more challenging level in this lesson.

This digital French lesson serves as an approachable introduction to the language. Purchase it alone or as a continuation of French lessons 1-5. Vocabulary, useful phrases, pronunciation help and culture/travel tips are all included in this course. Download the pdf file to your device or print it off and take notes. Move at your own pace and refer back to the pages at any time. Say “oui” to learning something new!

Course Includes:

  • 30 page lesson
  • Vocabulary and phrases
  • -RE and -IR verbs
  • Weather and the verb “faire”
  • Easy to follow pronunciation assistance and audio clips
  • Travel and culture tips
  • Links to resources and recommendations



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Oui & Si is a family business focused on creating products that celebrate the beauty of language, culture, learning and play.

Their products are designed by mother-daughter French and Spanish professors who share a love of all things French and Spanish. Their collection of clothing, accessories and gifts is focused on high-quality, ethically made products designed to bring joy and inspiration to everyday life.

Their digital lessons are fun, approachable and backed by years of teaching experience. Each activity box is thoughtfully handmade for the youngest learners with the goal of play-based learning in mind. The corresponding lesson plans supplement this learning experience with new vocabulary words, fun stories, songs and games.

They believe language learning, travel and curiosity are crucial at any age. They also feel strongly that everyone deserves to enjoy learning which is why they are committed to donating a box to a child in need for every one that is sold. Because we want to live in a world where creativity, openness and inspiration are encouraged and embraced.