Pursuing Eternal Sunshine with Sok Sabaï

You know those days when winter is wearing on and you’re seriously considering trading in that nine to five life for a sarong and teaching scuba lessons? So do we. But before you fly the coop, try tapping into the feeling of eternal sunshine with Sok Sabaï.

This winter, we’re staying warm with the summery charm of Sok Sabaï’s Cowry Art Collection. Created by two Parisian designers, one inspired by art, the other by travel, the Cowry Art Collection is a reminder of those perfect vacation days on the beach where your toes are in the sand and the waves seem to dissipate the demands of reality.

Throughout the world and throughout time, cowry shells have been worn as whimsical jewelry and ornamentation. Due to their rarity, shape and porcelain-like shine, cowry shells are widely viewed as symbols of wealth, fertility and womanhood. In Sok Sabaï’s Cowry Art Collection, each precious cowrie shell is hand painted and gilded in their Parisian workshop for a unique look. Once the cowry shell is completed, the shells are then affixed to a necklace or bracelet design. The result is an iconic piece of jewelry for everyday wear that’s worldly and bohemian with a streak of rebellion and a sprinkling of cowry shell luck.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Sok Sabaï is a Parisian brand that was founded two years ago to integrate the production of trendy fashion accessories with craftsmanship and ancestral knowledge. Sok Sabaï always stresses the importance of honoring artisans, generating innovative styles, and nurturing a positive outlook on life. While the brand is based in Paris, their view on the world is outward looking and expansive.

The Sok Sabaï Cowry Art Collection was featured in OuiPlease Vol.2.5 Winter in France. To explore the energetic brand for yourself, visit http://www.soksabai.fr/categorie-produit/bijoux/.

P.S. One of the things we love most about the pieces in the Cowry Art Collection is that they can be discrete or impactful depending on how you wear it. Show us how you’re styling your Sok Sabaï treasure on social media using #OuiPlease, or tell us about it in the comments below!




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